PB roundup!

I didn't get nearly as much fic up as I wanted to, but for what it's forth, here's what I did write:

somewhere only we know - harry potter, rose/lily luna, steam
...both of them knowing that tonight, there will be no awkward fumbling of fabric between them. Soon they're both naked, and both wet and soapy and pulling each other closer and closer.

All Enchanted Paintings - Mary Poppins, Mary/Burt, wind
He smiles, and then his lips are on hers, hungry and wanting and raw, full of the same longing that she feels singing inside her when she's stuck on that cloud, fit to burst, with nothing but thoughts of his slow smile and stolen kisses to keep her company. Not tonight. Not in this painting, in this moment.

Keep Shadows At Bay - The Lord of the Rings - Eomer/Aragorn, brothers in arms
Later, he'll realize that this is how he survived the war, how they both survived, staying as sane as could be expected, as able as could be hoped for. And this is how they will survive remembering it.
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ich habe ein schraube locker

offen war ich für dich
wie eine schraubenmutter.
wollte dich ganz fest in mir spüren
wollte mit dir einiges aushalten
wollte das es hält.

und so drehten wir uns um einander
und unsere welten mit
bis sie ganz verdreht waren
und nicht mehr ganz klar war
ob deine welt sich um mich
du dich um dich
oder ich mich um deine welt
so haben wir uns verkeilt.

schief geschraubt;
zu stark gedreht oder
von anfang an falsch ausgewählt?

ich hätte dich so gern zurück
und fürchte fast
die fassung
ist permanent verkrazt?

so dass ich höchstens noch
eine lockere schraube hätte.

(das mit dem auseinanderschrauben
war leicht:
mit viel kraft einmal
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mix: so lucky be loving you (RL)

so lucky to be loving you
a mix for star-crossed lovers and similar fools

title: so lucky to be loving you
notes: picking the aforementioned girlfriend up at the trainstation on friday, made a playlist already. thought i'd share. lots of happy indie music and gratuitous taylor swift, because that is my jam when i'm in a good mood.

zip - tracklist - zip

//train: hey, soul sister ()
you're the only one i'm dreaming of, you see, i can be myself now, finally, in fact there's nothing i can't be, i want the world to see you be with me

//scouting for girls: stupid love song ()
keep it, love it, do what you do - fooling around i've fallen for you

//joshua radin: the fear you won't fall ()
it hasn't felt like this before, it hasn't felt like home before you, and i miss you more than i should, than i thought i could, can't get my mind off you

//plain white tees: 1, 2, 3, 4 ()
tell me that i'm special even when i know i'm not, i'm so glad i found you, i love being around you

//frou frou: must be dreaming ()
i must be dreaming, oh, pinch me to wake me, so undeniably yours as long as i'm losing it so completely

//jack johnson: better together ()
love is the answer at least for most of the questions in my heart, i'll tell you one thing: it's always better when we're together

//taylor swift: ours ()
And it's not theirs to speculate if it's wrong and your hands are tough but they are where mine belong in

//the weepies: a painting like chagall ()
we float like two lovers in a painting by chagall

//the postal service: such great heights ()
and when you scan the radio, i hope this song will guide you home

//maria taylor: cartoons and forever plans ()
did you know electricity favors us, and did you know i'm not as fragile as i thought, and did you know our love will never die?

//taylor swift: i'm only me when i'm with you ()
i'm only up when you're not down, don't wanna fly if you're still on the ground

//the beatles: in my life ()
though i know i'll never lose affection for people and things that went before, in my life i love you more

//margaret whiting: time after time ()
so lucky to be the one you run to see in the evening when they day is through
and time after time you'll hear me say that i'm so lucky to be loving you

//BONUS TRACK: taylor swift: love story ()
Luke and Lorelai are epic

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Make it get better!

thepurpledove is a multi-fandom auction raising money for charities like the Trevor Project that support LGTB and questioning kids and teenagers. BIDDING IS OPEN AS OF TODAY and you can bid on anything from fanmixes and fics to cookie care packages, icons, home-made fudge and a ton of other cool stuff. Head over to thepurpledove and see if anything strikes your fancy, and help us raise money for a really good cause.

I'm offering  fic, fanmixes, podfic, postcards, and cookies, if you're interested! =)
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forever yours, faithfully
a cj/danny ep
title: forever yours, faithfully - a cj/danny ep
fandom: the west wing, pairing: cj/danny
notes: lots of pining!romantic!danny, with a hefty side of swooning!cj and terrified!cj. featuring ingrid michaelson, the weepies etc. &hearts lyrics, zip and individual upload inside inside


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Fic: Cracking Bones Make Noise

Title: Our Cracking Bones Make Noise
Summary: Later, she'll chalk it up to the fact that she was cold. That it was raining and she'd been up for 22 hours and spent the last ten of those on a plane as the court jester of the Leader of the Free World, and not in the good, telling-truth-to-power kind of way. Post-ep to The Portland Trip
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: CJ/Danny

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I just need to leave this somewhere

I go to college in a small, back-woods kind of town decried in the rest of the country for being full of backward-ass conservative hicks.

I dropped my LD girlfriend off at the train this morning after a week together. We're not all that PDA-y, really, mainly because we have a pretty complicated relationship, but over the course of this week, I kissed her in the supermarket aisle, and in our favorite café, and in the middle of a crowded high street, and in the checkout line at H&M, and on an escalator at the mall. You hear stories of homophobia from people, and I kept expecting something to happen, but there we were, in what has to be one of the most conservative places in this country, and the only acknowledgement was that this morning, after I dropped her off with a kiss or two or three, and a heart drawn on a grimy train window with my fingers, as I watched her train leave and wiped my cheeks, a little old lady smiled at me and asked me if I needed a tissue.

So, for the record? Small town Bavarians give me hope.
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30 rock fic!

Title: 1, 2, 3, 4
Summary: four times Jack realizes he's in love with liz
Notes: 30 Rock fic! Jack/Liz all the way.

1, 2, 3, 4
(inspired by the plain white sheets song: four times jack realized he was in love with liz)

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Medium: TV
Fandom: How I Met Your Mother
Subject: Ted / Robin
Title: It Had To Be You!
Warnings: Spoilers all the way just to be safe
Notes: I know. I know, I know. Not canon, never going to happen, BrOTP , etc etc. I don't care. There so perfect together, and the song (It had to be you) is so perfect for them, and... yeah. "I would have stolen you a whole orchestra." My current theory is that Ted is telling the kids this story to explain to them why he is leaving their Mom to get back together with Robin. Yeah.


zip (reuploaded!)
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//just the girl (click5)
'cause she's bittersweet/ she knocks off me off my feet/ and i can't help myself, i don't want anyone else/ she's a mystery/ she's too much for me/ but I keep coming back for more/ she's just the girl i'm looking for

Ted: Mom, Dad. I have met the future Mrs. Ted Mosby. Marshall, remember this night. When you’re the best man at our wedding and you give a speech, you’re gonna tell this story.
// there she goes again (the cranberries)
there she goes again/ and i just can't contain/ this feeling that remains

Ted: Damn it.
Lily: What?
Ted: I’m in love with her.
//stay loose (belle and sebastian)
i was waiting for the good times/ you said let the good times start/ with a quiver of your eyelid/ You took on someone else’s part/ and what about me? i don't really see/ how things could improve, all you want is to stay loose

Ted:  You’re right, there’s no off switch. God I wish there was an off switch.
// head over feet (alanis morisette)
you are the bearer/of unconditional things/you held your breath/ and the door for me/ thanks for your patience

Robin: So Ted didn't care that you wanted to make a move on me.
Barney: Didn't care at all. Oh. Oooh. You like Ted!
// crazy for this girl (lifehouse)
face to face/ ready to spend the rest of my life with you/ will you look at how she looks at me, she's got me thinking about her constantly/ but she don't know how I feel/

Ted: I don't want perfect. I want Robin.
// if you wanna i might (hellogoodbye)
I've been assuming everything. / Hoping you'll soon mean everything./ I've gotta stay calm, I want this to be real. / I don't think you're into me,/ And truly that's okay with me. / I've gotta stay calm and find out how you feel.

Lily: OK, what is wrong with the two of you?! Seriously. He likes you and you like him, just, just, just be together. Geez, Louise, happiness is not that difficult.
//take a chance (scouting for girls)
i know it's been a difficult year/ it's been all i could do/ just keepin' you/ i want you know/ you're the star of my show/ i know you try to hide, i know you try to act tough/ but take a chance on us

Ted: One more. One big, beautiful romantic gesture.
//kissing in the rain (tori amos)

Ted: Why? Because I MADE IT RAIN!!! That's what I did today!!! And that's enough! I..I've done my part, now GET DOWN HERE!!!
//somebody loved (the weepies)
cold turned our breath into clouds/ we never said what we were dreaming of/ but you turn me into somebody loved

Robin: You stole a blue French horn for me.
Ted: I would have stolen you a whole orchestra.
//borrowed time (a fine frenzy)
But you say you're getting tired /You're tired and so am I / When you follow from behind Step, step right over the line /And onto borrowed time

Ted: Honestly, in five years, I'd probably want to be married.
Robin: And I'd probably want to be in Argentina.
Ted: Argentina?
Robin: Or Tokyo, or Paris. Look Ted, I don't know where I'm gonna be in five years. I don't wanna know, I want my life to be an adventure.
Ted: We have an expiration date, don't we?
//both hands (ani difranco)
but in each other's shadows we grew less and less tall/ and eventually our theories couldn't explain it all/ and i'm writing graffit on your body and i'm drawing the story of how hard we tried

Ted: You weren't trying to win the breakup?
Robin: I was trying to survive it.
//love will tear us apart (fall out boy)
and resent rides high/ but emotions won't grow/ and we're changing our ways/ taking different roads

Robin: Don't get married. Look you're rushing into this, it's like you're trying to skip ahead to the end of the book. Ted, you're the most romantic guy I know; you stole a blue French horn for me, you tried to make it rain-
Ted: I did make it rain.
Robin: It was a coincidence, but after all that, this is how your great romantic quest comes to an end? You're just disappearing into someone else's wedding, someone else's house, someone else's life without a second thought. That's not the amazing ending that you deserve. That's not Ted Mosby.
Ted: [after long pause] I love Stella, she's the one. You really feel that way, I guess it's a good thing you're not coming to the wedding after all. [storms out]
//almost (bowling for soup)
here i go thinking 'bout all the things i should have done/ gonna need a forklift 'cause all the baggage weighs a ton/ and i almost had you/but i guess that doesn't cut it/ almost loved you/ i almost wish you would have loved me to

: We broke up over a year ago.
Robin: Yeah, but that's not that long ago. Watching you marry another woman isn't what I was looking forward to. I don't know, if I would change my mind about marriage and kids, it's nice to know that you were there.
Ted: So I was your safety school. How flattering.
//it had to be you (motion city soundtrack)
and after it ends/ we'll try to be friends/ they say that what doesn't kill us makes us who we are/ all this time and everything's changed and i still feel the same/what a disaster it would be if you discovered that i care/ a little too much for friends but not enough to share

Ted: Robin Scherbatsky, will you be my back up wife?
Robin: A girl always dreams of hearing those words! Yes! Yes! A million times, yes!
//grow old with me (the postal service)
Grow old along with me/ Whatever fate decrees/ We will see it through/ For our love is true/ God bless our love/ God bless our love